Wokingham In Need’s £10,000 donation from Prospect Estate Agency will help DrugFAM’s work in the borough

Peter Izod – Vice Charman WIN, Sue Jackson – Founder WIN, Mark Towell – Managing Director Prospect Estate Agents,         Elizabeth Burton-Philips – Founder DrugFam, Georgina Hustler – WIN Public Relations Officer – WIN

WIN have been busy building their ongoing relationship with the charity DrugFAM. 

DrugFAM’s primary purpose is to provide a lifeline to families, friends and partners affected by someone else’s addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and those who have been bereaved by substance misuse.  They aim to ensure that those who turn to them are listened to, understood and supported.  

Sue Jackson, founder of WIN, is proud to now be an ambassador of DrugFAM. This connection will further enable Sue and the team at WIN to assist with awareness of the exceptional work the DrugFAM team are doing and further help the residents of Wokingham benefit from DrugFAM’s excellent resources and education facilities. They believe that no-one should struggle with the stigma from a wider society, or be left in isolation, fear and ignorance of where to find support.

So together, DrugFAM and WIN have planned a drug awareness push in all secondary schools.

Starting with a play performed by: It Is What It Is Productions, which highlights the devastating effects of drug abuse both on users and their families. Two local venues have also shown interest in showing the play to further help raise awareness.  

Following the play, a forum theatre workshop will be held, to discuss and explore the issues most relevant to the audience. 


As always, funding is a huge part of the success of any initiative. Sue Jackson approached Prospect Estate Agency to once again ask for their help.

Mark Towell, Managing Director of Prospect, was delighted to be able to offer additional support and on (14th November) presented a cheque for £10,000 to WIN to financially support them working with DrugFAM. Providing full funding of the awareness workshops for schools and colleges in the borough.

WIN have ring-fenced this donation solely for this purpose and will work to arrange the workshops across the borough – launch date January 2020, to assist in preventing and highlighting the effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

Elizabeth Burton Philips founder of DrugFAM commented: “To have a local charity invest so much into the work we’re doing nationwide is refreshing. Without the support of the local community the work we provide in a certain area is limited. We need everyone to get involved to remove the stigma of Drug and Alcohol abuse and support those suffering from addiction, either as users or friends and family.

“The money kindly donated by Prospect Estate Agency will be put solely to use in the Wokingham area under the direction of Wokingham In Need. With plays and workshops being the first of many plans we have to help raise awareness and provide support to those affected by drug and alcohol misuse.”

Sue Jackson said: “It’s really important for the local community and support groups to work together, after all, together we have a louder voice. 

So if you’re thinking of getting involved, please do! There are many different ways you can get involved.  WIN is at the heart of the community and needs the local community’s support to allow the fantastic work they’re doing to continue.  

From volunteering, donating funds, to simply attending their events, everyone is welcomed to join forces with WIN and help give back to the community we all love.”

How can you help?


Let your local school, college know what is planned and ask them to contact Wokingham In Need. Prevention is always better than a cure and one small action can save a life and sadness to a family.


All donations can be made via WIN’s Facebook page – just look for the big blue ‘Donate’ button at the top (don’t forget to press ‘yes’ for gift aid if you’re a UK taxpayer!) or if you’re in town, pop into Prospect Estate Agency on Broad Street and leave your donation with them. WIN now has a credit card facility so it couldn’t be easier.


Keep up to date with all the fantastic events WIN are hosting on their website wokinghaminneed.co.uk or their Facebook page @WokinghamInNeed 


If you’d like to lend a helping hand at one of our next events, email wokinghaminneed@gmail.com and we’ll discuss what events are coming up and how you can help. 

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