Thank You from Nine Mile Ride School

Recently, Wokingham in Need helped organise and run a unique workshop with their Year Six class at Nine Mile Ride School to help raise awareness of Mental Heath Wellbeing with a focus on anxiety and metal issues that affects us all.

We’ve been blown away by the incredible support we’ve received from the children and teachers at Nine Mile Ride School and how incredibly mature all of the students were about the subject. We were incredibly inspired and moved to see so many children taking action and showing their support.

Year 6 Workshop at Nine Mile Ride School in Wokingham

We were even more moved to receive a letter of thanks from the teachers and children:

Dear Cathy,

I would like to thank Wokingham In Need for sponsoring you to come into school on Tuesday afternoon and for providing such wonderful, motivational workshops for the Year 6 children. Without exception, they all had a great afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed trying out the circus skills. It was delightful to see the looks on their faces and hear the whoops of delight, as they mastered the skills.

Providing such a fun distraction for the children during SATs week was of course an added bonus!

Thanks also go to the organisers of this Wokingham Wellbeing event who provided a super opportunity for our children.

Best wishes

Jill and Nicky along with the Year 6 children

Wokingham in Need is proud to be working in the local community to drive awareness of the Homeless and vulnerable in our community and to gather support for our cause.

Wokingham in Need couldn’t have run this successful workshop for the Children of Nine Mile Ride School if it wasn’t for your support. If you’d like to continue your support, you can find out how on our ‘Getting Involved’ with Wokingham in Need page here.

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