About Us

WOKINGHAM’S newest charity was launched on Wednesday 23 September 2016 with the opening of a new kitchen at The Salvation Army church and community centre on Sturges Rd, Wokingham.

Founded by local resident Sue Jackson the aim of Wokingham in Need is to help the homeless, vulnerable and needy people of the borough. “I realised there was a need”, she said. “We are a stand alone charity who want to help people and make a difference but I would also like to get groups working in this area to get together. If we join together we are stronger and have a louder voice.

“There are more homeless people out there than people realise”, said Ms Jackson. “Wokingham in Need will be a back up to the services already available, who are now feeding people three times a week and WIN wants to continue the work with the Salvation Army to provide an even better drop in centre.

“I wanted to help the drop in centre because the facilities weren’t realistic”, said Ms Jackson. “Wokingham in Need have upgraded the kitchen and provided a kitchen self help area which has lightened the load. People are able to help themselves now which enables people to be more independent”.

“The new kitchen is marvellous,” said Lieutenant Jan Howlin, Wokingham Salvation Army. “We are dedicated to caring for people who are vulnerable in Wokingham and this new facility will help us create a warm and friendly atmosphere at our community drop-in service.

Every week we open our doors to those who need us. Our community meals bring people inside, where we can offer compassionate support, a listening ear, and practical help.”

Founder and Chair of Wokingham in Need, Sue Jackson, said: “This is just the beginning. There is much more to be done and we will seek to involve the whole community.”

Wokingham in Need are continuing to support the drop in centre but the team have lots of plans in the pipeline to help people in the borough. “Everyone has got behind the cause,” continued Mrs Jackson. “The team is working tirelessly to serve the needs of the community here in Wokingham. However, we need local support and reach out to those who would like to join us.

“There is much to do and Wokingham In Need would love your support, so please contact us directly to move forward with this project and others that no doubt we will be asked to help with over the forthcoming months.”